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Hillsboro Aero Academy is currently offering a course called FAA completion program. This course is aimed at rated pilots, who either currently hold FAA commercial certificates or ICAO commercial certificates.
Due to the current situation in Australia, that left many pilots grounded, we have decided to offer an additional completion course that is aimed at CASA rated pilots and meets Australian requirements to leave the country, while also satisfying US regulations that allow graduates to be employed as pilots or flight instructors after graduation.
Please sign up for our webinar to learn more about this program!

general information

In order to be able to work in the US, pilots are required to hold the FAA commercial pilot certificate. Additionally almost every Pilot job requires the instrument rating. HAA's completion program on the F1 visa requires pilots to hold the FAA IFR, CPL (single engine) and CPL (multi engine). Licenses that are not yet held can be completed prior to the start of the actual completion program. The training is planned to take place at our Redmond, Oregon campus on Cessna 152, Cessna 172 and Piper PA44 aircraft. 


Students have to complete at least the full FAA CFI, CFII and MEI courses at Hillsboro Aero Academy.
The training will be conducted full-time without the option to work during the training.
To be eligible for the CPT/OPT, students have to train one academic year (6.5 months)
The completion program is set for a maximum of 9 month (additional training time for conversions can be added).
Students need to start employment at the end of the 9 month period to obtain the CPT.
Students have to follow all state regulations governing the F1 visa.
All training has to be done at Hillsboro Aero Academy.
There is no guarantee for employment in the US or with Hillsboro Aero Academy.
Logbook audits are required prior to admission into the program



Prior to the start of the actual completion program, pilots have to ensure they hold the FAA IFR, FAA COM (SE) and FAA COM (ME). Specific training plans have to be created for each individual, who does not already hold these licenses and pilots have to come with enough time to complete this training and the associated checkrides prior to the start of the completion program. 


The completion program will be conducted under FAA Part 141 and Part 61 requirements that meet F1 visa requirements. The courses consist of group ground, individual ground and flight training. 
The flight instructor certificate requires a lot of work and effort and builds on the knowledge of pilots. So it is highly recommended that pilots refresh their knowledge prior to the program. We can provide free access to our Learning Management System to guide you through the ground training prior to your arrival. 

Gain experience

After you complete the training, you can start employment as a Pilot or Flight instructor anywhere in the US. On our F1 Visa you have 11.5 months on the CPT plus 12 months on the OPT, that allow you to be employed and gain flight experience. 

Australian citizens also qualify for the E3 visa, which allows them to stay in the US indefinitely provided they have employment. Many US airlines are in the process of significantly increasing their hiring numbers, which means there are some great opportunities in the future. 

Please reach out for more information! We are happy to help you!

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