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FAA Conversion
For EASA and TC Pilots
Many pilots who train in Europe or Canada realize that it is very hard to gain sufficient flight experience to be considered for good pilot-jobs. 
Thanks to our F1 visa with up to 23.5 month of post-graduation work authorization, students can gain up to 1200-1500h of flight experience while getting paid. We create individual training plans for EASA or TC rated pilots to help with an efficient transition.
As per SEVIS regulations, the training is required to take a minimum of 6.5 month and has to include the CFI course. 
For most european pilots, this conversion includes the FAA instrument rating, the FAA Commercial license and the flight instructor certificates. 
Thanks to an excellent job-market, our graduates either start working for us or other flightschools all over the USA. Pilots with more than 750h of PIC time can move on to work for our partner company, Sundance Helicopters in Las Vegas and fly H130 Turbine helicopters in one of the most exciting cities of the world.
For more information, please contact Phil Haupt - 
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