R22 Beta/Beta2 VFR

  •  622kg Max weight

  • 189KM/H Max speed

  • 4270m Max altitude

  • 556KM range

  • 16 Helicopter 

The Robinson R22 has been one of the most successful training helicopters since its development in the 1970s. With the de-rated Lycoming engine and a fuel take that fits almost 30 galons of 100LL fuel, the R22 is ideal for flight schools. Many experienced pilots say that you can fly everything, after you mastered the Robionson R22. Our school was founded with a single R22 back in 1980. Over they years we have purchased many more and currently have 21 R22s


Our VFR R22s are used for all maneuvers from hovering to full-down autorotations. 

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