#SuccessStory – Paul

Hello, my name is Paul, and I am currently working as a flight instructor in Saudi Arabia. I would like to provide a brief overview of my experience in aviation and as a pilot.

From a young age, I was fascinated with flying and started my flight training as a sport pilot at the age of 16 (2010) in my hometown at the Aero-Club Gotha. There, I had the opportunity to fly various ultralight aircraft.

After completing my high school diploma (Abitur), I chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in aviation engineering as a backup plan. With this degree, I secured my first job as a planner in aircraft maintenance at a service facility in Erfurt in 2016. There, I gained valuable experience in maintenance, especially on larger aircraft types like the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737.

In 2018, to get closer to my dream of becoming an airline pilot, I decided to complete my commercial pilot training in the USA. One of my goals was also to improve my English skills. After about 9 months of training in Florida, I completed the training with an FAA CPL (ME-IR) license.

Given the challenges of finding an airline pilot job with minimal flight hours, I opted for additional training as a flight instructor. The program at Hillsboro Aero Academy (HAA) allowed me to gain valuable experience as a flight instructor. I first acquired the CFI and CFII licenses, landing my first pilot job at a flight school in California. Unfortunately, like many others, I lost my job due to the Corona pandemic. Not wanting to lose time, I obtained my multi-engine instructor (MEI) license from HAA in Spring 2021. Subsequently, I applied elsewhere and secured a job as a flight instructor in Saudi Arabia, where I currently work. My next goal is to acquire an EASA ATPL license.

I would recommend the career path of a professional pilot to anyone. While it’s not always easy, the positive experiences far outweigh the challenges. With enough dedication and commitment, demanding challenges can be mastered.