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Quality flight training in helicopters and airplanes

Pilot training and FAA conversions for Pilots in the USA

Where the dream of flight becomes reality

Welcome to Hillsboro

Hillsboro Aero Academy is one of the most respected flight schools in the United States and has been based in Oregon since 1980. We not only provide world class training in helicopters and airplanes, but also set you up for success by providing the F1 visa with our CPT and OPT, which allows you to work as a pilot and build hours at the completion of your training.


Pilot training in the US


F1 and M1 Visa


Get paid to fly


FAA License conversion

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Gain experience as a pilot


What differentiates the flight training in the USA from Europe and Canada?

To get a job as a helicopter or airplane pilot in Europe, you need a lot of flight experience. In addition, companies rarely hire a pilot immediately after training which makes it difficult to build flight hours in Europe. Therefore, many young pilots have to spend a lot of money on timebuilding in order to be able to gain the flight experience required to succeed in the aviation industry.


Hillsboro Aero Academy is glad that we can offer our international students a solution to this problem. After completing your flight training with us, you can stay in the US for up to 23.5 months and gain flight time, if the approval of your CPT and OPT. When interning as a pilot, you can get paid for your work. All hours flown in the US will be recognized in Europe, however your American license must be converted to an EASA license so that you can fly in Europe.

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About HAA

With four airports in Oregon and Nevada, over 20 Helicopters,

over 80 Airplanes and more than 150 flight instructors, the Hillsboro Aero Academy is one of the biggest flight schools in the United States. We are operating since 1980 and have trained pilots from over 75 countries. On average we fly over 95.000 hours per year. 

Why you should chose us for your flight training

Because the Hillsboro Aero Academy is the only flight school on the US mainland that offers the F1 visa for flight training in helicopters and airplanes in combination with a CPT and OPT.
This allows you to gain the necessary flight experience that you need for a successful aviation career.

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