#SuccessStory – Samuel

As a trained helicopter mechanic with an FAA private pilot’s license, I was searching for the right school for professional pilot training. Hillsboro Heli Academy provided me with excellent support beforehand with all necessary documents and a reliable contact person.

In Troutdale, Oregon, I found ideal conditions to learn the basics of helicopter flying. Hot temperatures in the summer, snow in the winter, strong winds, and weather that taught good decision-making. In this environment, I completed the instrument rating, the commercial pilot’s license, as well as the qualification to be a flight instructor.

After completing my training, I was able to start working at the school as an instructor, helping to shape the next generation, which also personally advanced me. To accumulate the necessary turbine time, I moved with my family to Florida to do tours over Disney World.

Back in Switzerland, I underwent mountain training and was introduced to underslung operations. From now on, for the next few years, I will be working at Mercy Air in Eswatini as a pilot and mechanic and am very much looking forward to the challenge.

Every journey is different, go on yours and start with the first step.