#SuccessStory – Thomas

Today’s #SuccessSunday story is about Thomas Skov from Denmark.

Thomas has been fascinated by flying since his childhood and began flying gliders over Denmark at the age of 14. After spending two years in the Danish Air Force, he moved to the USA to pursue his dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. After completing his training in Troutdale, Thomas was hired as a flight instructor. Working as a CFI was a challenging yet rewarding experience for him.

After working for Hillsboro Aero Academy for two years, he moved to Canada, where he currently flies in the north of British Columbia. With his Bell 206, he carries out a variety of missions, including tree planting and external loads. When we asked Thomas for advice for new and prospective pilots, he said the following:

“The helicopter industry is small, so you can’t start networking early enough. A friend told me about the company I currently work for in 2014, a year before I even started flight training. Networking is all about getting to know people. So, one should sign up for social events and use online media like Facebook and Instagram to connect with people in different areas of the helicopter industry.”