FAA and EASA pilot certificates

To be able to fly in a certain country or region of the world, a pilot usually needs a pilot certificate that is issued by the local government. For the US, this is the FAA and in Europe, this is EASA. Hillsboro Aero Academy is only offering training for FAA licenses, but we work with schools in Europe, where our graduates can convert their pilot certificates after returning from the US. 

FAA licenses

To be able to fly an aircraft in the United States as a commercial pilot or flight instructor, you are required to hold the applicable FAA pilot certificate. Our graduates work for up to two years in the US as flight instructors and pilots. This allows them to gain valuable experience and improve their skills before returning home.

EASA license

Pilots who only want to fly for pleasure in Europe should consider flightschools in Europe, since the FAA license can only be used for US registered aircraft in Europe. Pilots, who return to europe after working in the US, need to do a conversion at a local flightschool. We work with multiple schools in Europe and can help you find the right one. In general the conversion includes some ground training, some flight training for EASA specific maneuvers and 14 written exams. 


Why you shouldn't go straight for EASA

In Europe, most companies require a minimum of 500 or even 1000 flight-hours to be considered for a pilot position. Pilots with less hours are usually unable to find jobs and are often asked to pay a company to be allowed to fly for them. Due to the high demand for flight instructor and tour pilots in the US, pilots can get their first pilot job fairly easy and fly over 1000h during their CPT and OPT.


Considering the living cost, travel and other factors, the training in the US is not much cheaper than it is back in europe. However the chances of getting a pilot job and making flying a career are significantly higher for pilots, who train in the US, gain flighthours and return home as an experienced pilot. 

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