Helicopter training

  • 18. August 2023

    #SuccessStory – Manny

    Manuel or Manny, as his friends in America and Canada call him, began his helicopter pilot training in Hillsboro in 2017. After completing his American licenses (Private Pilot, Instrument Rating,…
  • 18. August 2023

    #SuccessStory – Samuel

    As a trained helicopter mechanic with an FAA private pilot's license, I was searching for the right school for professional pilot training. Hillsboro Heli Academy provided me with excellent support…
  • 18. August 2023

    #SuccessStory – Manuel

    My name is Manuel Dunst, I am from Austria, and it was there that I began my aviation career in early 2020 with private pilot training. After receiving the private…
  • 18. August 2023

    #SuccessStory – Sören

    Sören began his training in Hillsboro in 2009 and subsequently worked as a flight instructor for Hillsboro Aviation (now Hillsboro Heli Academy). After two years as a flight instructor, Sören…
  • 18. August 2023

    #SuccessStory – Rainer

    Rainer joined us in 2005 to pursue his dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. After successfully completing his training, Rainer began working as a flight instructor for us and over…